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Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy


Class outline & Description


Enrollment Information

Basic program “All About Eyebrows” 100hrs Minimum 35hrs of home

study with a workbook 65hrs class room. This is min required by the

Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (SPCP): You will be

working on practice pads and live models for all procedures and you will

receive a certificate of training upon completion of class.

Training hours vary from state to state and you are required to contact

your states required departments.


Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy LLCs training program that will help

you get started in this rapidly growing, lucrative field. Our goal is to provide you a

solid theoretical foundation coupled with practical, hands-on experience and

ongoing support. A career in permanent makeup, - also known as

micropigmentation, permanent makeup, tattoo makeup or cosmetic tattooing - can

be your path to being your own boss, working a flexible schedule and getting paid

what you are worth.

What students can expect from us:

• Unparalleled in the industry hands-on training on multiple live models,

different skin types and genders.

• Unparalleled in the industry apprenticeship program for our graduates

who need additional hands-on experience.

• Training with tools and products from different vendors.

• Training in the setting of the operating, state-of-the-art permanent

makeup facility licensed by the State of Illinois

• Nearby hotels for out-of-town students

• Convenient parking-easy access

With our program, you will learn the safest, most effective permanent makeup

application, techniques as well as foundations of business practice setup and

marketing. On successful completion of the program requirements, you will

receive certification of completion.

Your first step to this lucrative career can begin by reading the information below

and calling us at 480-217-3602. We look forward to teaching you!


Student acknowledges that starting a career in micro pigmentation requires

understanding their state and local health department regulations for permanent

cosmetics. Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Academy, LLC is not responsible for

your information concerning establishment or local permits/licenses. Student is

required to contact their state or local health officials directly.

Machines – Al about the different types of machines used for the application of 

Permanent makeup.

Hand Tools – Learn about the different types of needle combinations that are used

for the application of eyebrows.

Color Theory – Understanding Color Theory is one of the main factors in

developing a successful career in Permanent Makeup. Applying color theory to the

field of permanent makeup requires the knowledge of pigment and skin tone =

final results!

OSHA Standards – Get the latest information on governmental regulations

concerning sterilization & decontamination. Learn proper procedures in setting up

& breaking down your workstations. We also cover MRI Safety, the dangers of

Hepatitis C, HIV, blood borne pathogens & OSHA Standards.

Business Practices & Marketing – In this portion of the class we discuss

“industry standards” for finding a good location, setting up your business and what

to pay or not pay for rent, sales and how to service your clients during a

consultation; networking & marketing; the availability of support when you

become a member of a national or local permanent makeup organization.

Aftercare – Learning aftercare and the importance of educating your clients on

aftercare are discussed. An educated client is a happy client.

Brow Design

Preparation - You will learn which topical anesthetics to use to numb the brow

and how you can save time and money by mixing your colors and designing brow

shape while waiting for client to numb.

Eyebrow Shaping – Learn the proper way to draw brows! We instruct you in the

proper techniques of placement, symmetry, and choosing the best color for your

client. As the beauty industry has said for many years “brows are “sisters” not

“twins”. We discuss how to get your client to see their brows as a vital part of

their whole face, not just matching brows.

Application – You will work with your instructor on performing an actual

eyebrow procedure learning technique, stretching and the difference between

regular eyebrows and hair strokes eyebrows.

Application - You will choose and mix the correct color for your client as well as

learn the various techniques and when and why we choose each technique for

optimum results.

Practice - You will practice the hand tool technique’s rocking motion on practice

materials until you learn the proper movement.

Application – You will work with your instructor to perform an actual eyebrow

procedure on a live model. It is absolutely vital to a successful eyebrow procedure

to understand stretching techniques. You will go over these techniques as well as

keeping your client’s eyes safe and comfortable. You will perform the hand tool

technique for your eyebrow procedure.

We also offer ongoing support to our students on a continuing basis so you may

love this journey as much as we do.


Study Materials will be provided for you and a training manual will be shipped to you for

home study prior to class and you will be tested on this at the end of class.

1) Introduction to Micro-pigmentation

History of tattooing

Devices used / description & development

State Regulations


2) Set-Up requirements

Treatment room

Necessary supplies, instruments and furniture

3) Consultation

Client evaluation

Photography and the importance

Skin types

Frequently asked questions

Pre and post procedure care

4) Health Requirements / Sanitation & Sterilization

American Red Cross and OSHA standards


Proper devices, needles and pigment handling

Sanitary measures during procedure set-up and clean-up

Disease and Infection control

5) Client Preparation and Artistic Techniques

Face structure


Pre-Procedure information

Marking the skin

Effective topical anesthetics

Application techniques of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips

6) Color Theory

Pigment selection 

Preparation, mixing and storage

Color theory

7) Review of Proper Forms

Consultation Consent

Hold Harmless Agreement

Photo Release

New Client Forms

Pre and Post Care Forms

8) Needles

Needle selection and application

Storage and disposal

9) Client After-Care

Follow up appointments


Product recommendation

10) Practice Procedures

Eyebrow procedures Drawing, measuring correctly

Proper application practice.